nICE Who?

welcome to nICE

a small company based in Norway.

Our friendly staff, an innovative doctor, a food industry technician and a bartender obsessed with flavour, are ready to serve you. We believe tasty, healthy and frozen drinks are for everyone, that’s why we offer more ways to add them to your day. So no matter how you’re feeling or what you’re craving, we make it easy to enjoy some delicious drinks.

We choose our own fruit and vegetables, we make our own freshly squeezed juices, we add no artificial anything and most important, we add no refined or raffinated sugar.

For your private party. For your bar or nightclub. We have easy served tasty frozen drinks.

nICE Drinks

Frozen drinks without alcohol

• Mango / Mandarine
• Green Apple / Cherry
• Peach / Apricot
• Orange / Pineapple / Passionfruit

Frozen drinks with added alcohol

• Mojito with fresh mint leaves
• Strawberry Daquiri with fresh strawberrys
• Pina Colada with coconut water
• Margarita with fresh lime

We add no artificial anything to any of our drink mixes.


nICE Party


Contact us to find out how to turn your event into a tasty, magical, and memorable drinking experience.

nICE Business

Cut Loss and Increase Revenue in Your Bar.

No more long lines in front of your bar during “the golden hours” A handcrafted mojito takes about a minute and a half to make by an experienced bartender. Our mojito tastes the same, if not even better, and takes about 10 sec to serve. No need for only experienced bartenders, everyone can serve and garnish our drinks.

Contact us for a presentation.

nICE People

Yes we are.

Please feel free to give us a call 46538183 or send a e-mail to if you have any questions about our products or about us.

Christian Gorgas

The innovative doctor

Thomas Lilleland

The food industry technician

Kim Hansen

The flavour obsessed bartender